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Don't worry if you don't know! Lots of people ask us the differences between all of these things. Here's a quick breakdown:

Graphic of the difference of how each part of branding fits within one another.


This is the all-encompassing process of actively building and shaping your brand.


This is your company, product, or organization.


Here's where we think about your brand's story, name, personality, tone, services or products, messaging, and visual identity.


This includes all of the visual elements that make up your brand. So you wanna think about things like your logo, colours, typography, photography you might use, design layouts, and icons.


Ok, you probably know what this one is but just in case (for the folks in the back) it's a a recognizable symbol or design element that represents your brand. It should be memorable.

If you've read this far, you'll see that each element encompasses the next. As we learn more about your brand vision we are better able to help you develop your brand identity. This then enables us to create your visual identity and logo.

Schparkly Creative is a branding and design studio. We develop and support the brand visions of kick-ass companies that are transforming the way business should be done while making a profit. Inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability are our foundation. Our extensive experience, killer design skills, and creative ingenuity will help your brand STAND UP and STAND OUT.

Wanna learn more about how to improve your branding efforts? Let's have a chat!

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