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graphic design and visual content creation



With over 15 years of creative expertise in developing, shaping, and evolving brands, producing visual content, copywriting, design, marketing, and product development, I excel at cultivating creative teams to produce exceptional work. I’m a dreamer and a doer. I’m hell-bent on creating positive change in the world. I love to look at the big view, dream big ideas, and focus on the details. I thrive on working multiple projects simultaneously and embrace change.



My passion for design, marketing, and communicating a message has led to a varied career and prepared me for taking on new challenges. I am versatile, experienced, enthusiastic, and well educated. I love to travel, explore, meet new people, and create wherever I may be in the world.

I have experience in non-profit outreach, branding, design, marketing, and product development with a broad portfolio that demonstrates a range of skills. I am self-motivated, enthusiastic, highly efficient, and really enjoy finding creative solutions for any problem.


Brand Strategy, Identity + Branding,

Print, Digital + Web, Art Direction,

Product Development,

Environmental + Experiential Exhibition

Selected Clients

- Magnetic Arcade

- Zondluz

- Costco

- Nuvolé

- La Bouchée

- Avianda MX

- Dynantis

- Malibu Arts Foundation

- Mechizon Engineering

- Leader Wellness

- Aquantis

- Natura

- Santa Barbara

  Wildlife Care Network

- S.F. Home Concierge

- Laguna Blanca School

- Ivy Moon Restaurant

- Purnell

- Stage Left

- Lomas del Cerrito

- Chameleon Systems

- Brio Technologies

- Marcom Showcase

- Mr. Stock

- Novelus

- Sctoom

- Tatung

- Vpacket

- Mill Creek

- Richmond Meats

- Winewholesale.biz

- Ramp Networks

- Neopoint

Full list available

upon request.