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Schparkly Creative is pumped!

⚡️ We made the WeNetwork Elevate accelerator program shortlist– next week we’ll be pitching and hoping to make the final cut!

🖥️ Our new website is coming along nicely- going for a much more sustainable approach by limiting image size, thinking of dark mode for reduced energy consumption, focusing on great SEO, careful with content so you really only get value added info, and UX (easy to navigate). Every bit of CO2 reduction counts.

🪥 Been brushing up on best practices…keeping up to speed is a big part of our work- we want to make sure our clients are….

📈 Audited a few websites this week to see where improvements can be made. It’s so important to track how your website performs- even minor tweaks make a difference.

➡️ Helped a client with some logo variations so it could be used in a variety of formats.

👁️ Look out for our new enewsletter (and subscribe!) – client spotlight on Vtuber JOBAVISION.

What are you up to? Are you looking to reduce your brand’s CO2 footprint while still having all the flash? We’d love to have a chat and see where we can help!

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