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Case study: Kink Doctor

The Problem: Alex – the founder of Kink Doctor (A therapy and education practice specializing in alternative identities and lifestyles) wanted to broaden their appeal to include areas outside of New York. Specifically, the European market.

Our Solution: We researched and created a market report where their services would be the most well received. Then created customer profiles based on that market’s demographics, psychographics, and local views on therapy as a whole.

We then worked with them to redesign their brand and website to attract that target audience. The site is also optimized to be searchable in both the United States, and Europe.

The testimonial speaks for itself:

“Working with Schparkly Creative was an absolute pleasure, they made collaborating on my redesigning and rebranding project engaging and fun from first to last meeting. Sure they have sparkling personalities, and of course that helps, but it's so clearly their expertise and creativity that drive the process, making it easy to relax into and enjoy it.”

-Alex Pitagora (Kink Doctor)

Kink Doctor



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