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We all hit a creative wall sometimes and it can be tricky to get out of a funk. We've put together a little list to help you relax, get silly, and get those creative juices flowing.

Drawing of banana slipping

  • Pick a mood and make a playlist. Check out our latest one here.

  • Take a walk to get the blood pumping- if you see a banana peel on the ground you MUST pretend to slip on it.

Drawing of happy camera taking a photo

  • Pick a topic and write down as many rhymes or alliterations as you can. Best done over drinks with friends.

  • Art and beauty are everywhere. Take a photo tour of your neighbourhood- take pictures of things that catch your eye.

Drawing of a happy crab
  • Deep dive a random subject on the internet. We recommend starting with “carcinisation.”

  • Declare to everyone you know you’re starting a creative project, so you’re locked in.

Drawing of a finger and contact lens
  • Give yourself permission to fail- try out an idea, play with it, bring it to life. If it doesn’t work out, the process itself will generate better ideas in turn.

  • Contact us! We can do it for you.

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