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4 GOALS FOR 2024

Schparkly Creative is growing fast, and we set up 4 goals for 2024.

4 for 2024

1) Creative Excellence – We already know that we are producing outstanding work. We also know that everyone can always get better, and the creative landscape keeps changing. We have dedicated ourselves to staying ahead of the curve… keeping our clients one step ahead of the trends. We do this by continually educating ourselves, taking classes, and committing ourselves to understanding new technologies.

2) Client Acquisition – We have never had an unhappy client. We, however, would like to acquire more of them. Our goal in the new year is to help 30% more clients than we did last year while maintaining our high level of quality.

3) Client Satisfaction – We want to continue to provide high quality services, address concerns promptly, and be timely and accountable. We want to keep our 100% positive reviews.

4) Improve Brand Recognition/Loyalty – We want to increase our agency’s visibility and establish ourselves as an industry authority. In short… treat our own brand as a client. This means increasing our public relations (starting in March we have enrolled in a series of PR workshops) and networking efforts to complement our digital presence.

We would love to hear your goals for 2024. And learn how we can help you get there.

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